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[Hilton Head, SC] YOUR ACTIVE LIFE offers a new, life-changing fitness and mobility program expressly designed for people with Parkinson’s disease. Improve your physical, mental, and emotional well-being  while taking back control of your life.


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Take back control of your life while you live with connection and hope!


  • Has your motor control suffered?

Regain Control

Regain control of your body through evidence based fitness that's proven to help thousands of people just like you!


Take Back Quality of Life

We all need to know life is what we want it to be. Our program helps you feel that quality of life you had and maintain it throughout your life.


Find Independence Again

You know as well as we do that being able to do what you want when you want to do it is freedom. We all deserve it and you can have it. We focus on where you are to get you to the next step in your independence.


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National Parkinson’s Wellness Program Provides HOPE

Delay the DiseaseTM is an evidenced-based wellness program that empowers people with PD to live better, experience new levels of hope by optimizing function and restoring independence.


This national wellness program is designed to retrain the mind and body.  Participants report improvement in quality of life, regained ability to successfully manage the disease, and regain control. This program targets daily functional challenges and symptom-specific fitness agendas.  Exercise plans are adapted to all levels of the disease, valuable to newly diagnosed and progressed states alike. David and Jackie see changes in all participants and boast “It’s never too late to start exercise, and certainly never too early!”

Diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease 15 years ago. I can say with certainty that DelayTheDisease has helped me to manage Parkinson’s disease and live a quality of life that would not have otherwise been possible.

Scott Rider

This was the first time in months that Nancy has been able to walk without a cane - and the first in a year that she has been walking with large steps.

Clients Husband

Don’t Wait Any Longer


Take control now and start living life the way you want to. Life is what you do with it…let’s do it together!

About The Program Designers

David Zid


Jackie Russell


David Zid (BA, ACE, APG), the leading Parkinson’s fitness specialist and OhioHealth Director of Movement Disorder and Musculoskeletal Wellness, and Jackie Russell (RN, BSN, CNOR), OhioHealth Program Development Coordinator, collaborated to create the most effective wellness program empowering people with PD to live better and experience new levels of hope in their daily walk. OhioHealth Delay the Disease delivers symptom-specific exercises that optimize function and restore independence.


OhioHealth Delay the Disease participants experience improvement in mobility, posture, balance, handwriting, speech volume, and a reduction in daily functional challenges.  The classes are a source of fun, social camaraderie, and hope. "PD patients can manage their disease through exercise -- and we encourage everyone to start today! We're here to help," says David Zid.


“Our goal is to make the benefits of Delay the Disease classes available to as many people with PD as possible. You may have Parkinson’s Disease, but it does not have you” ~David Zid, Jackie Russell