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"Heath was always an active coach. 

He is very involved with each athlete and provides constant feedback.  I really appreciate how much he improved my movement, and always encouraged me to get outside and enjoy fitness. "

- Clay H.

"Heath is everything a coach should be.

He's genuine, ego-less, committed to your success, knows just how hard to push and when to let you just do your best and very knowledgeable. Definitely recommend."

- Sandy J.

"Heath's knowledgeable about fitness.

He was one of my first coaches when I started Crossfit, he's patient and overall great guy. If you are looking to get back in shape, improve your movements or mobility, this is the place!"

- Sebastian P

Heath’s coaching is top-notch!

He took a group of slugs and taught us how to move, lift, stretch and start all over again the next day. Most importantly, his down-to-earth, lighthearted approach helped us get over our initial hesitations! 

- Steve Z.

"I could not recommend enough.

Heath is very personable as well as knowledgable. He has used that combination along with his sense of humor to motivate me."

- Paul M.

"Heath is an excellent coach.

Very knowledgeable. He is very concerned about you getting the movement down correctly before moving on."

- Mary S.

"Heath is a great coach and motivator.
He has expert knowledge on many areas of fitness. Let him help you...he will show you results!"

- Steve G.

"I see fitness as something fun because Heath was my coach. 

 Staying fit and healthy is a foundation to living fully and joyously, and Heath is a living example!"

- Kevin V.

Heath is AWESOME!  

He always makes you feel comfortable with each movement you are doing. He has always taken the time with not only myself, but every person he coaches. "

- JoJo R.

"Coaches with integrity and passion.

I own a couple of gyms and had the fortune of working with Heath on a team. If you have the chance to work with him or his team, take it!"

- Pete J.

"The Best! He's extremely attentive.

To making sure you are doing things safely and correctly. He's also inspiring, hardworking, and he's not one to accept excuses which I've always appreciated in a coach!"

- Nicole B.

"Heath's a very knowledgeable coach.

His priority is health and his program reflects it. He is always very patient and takes his time to really address your fitness needs."

- Niza H.

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