No two people are the same, which is why we custom-design each of our programs to meet your specific issues, needs, timing and budget. Over the years, we've found some themes that keep recurring.

The Weight Won’t Stay Off Me 

It SUCKS working so hard only to feel as though all of that hard work was wasted. 


Have you tried everything under the sun but nothing keeps the weight off? Lose it for a while but it comes right back on with a few extra pounds to boot? Frustrating right?


We understand how the rollercoaster ride 🎢 of fat loss can wear you out. 


Everywhere you turn there is a new way to eat. 


Everything is either “BAD” or “GOOD” for you. “Eat this today but not tomorrow.” 


Who are you supposed to listen to? Who’s right and who is full of it?


We are here to tell you there is no RIGHT or WRONG way to eat. Only what’s right for YOU. 


When you look at you (the individual) and create healthy patterns that support all parts of your life, there’s no need for EXTREME 🧨 diets or workout routines


You can have everything you want by creating simple (NOT always EASY) habits that lift you up, not bring you down.


With the proper program anything you dream up is within reach. 


Talk to your coach today about what is best for you. 💪🏽

I Want To Be Fit But I'm Scared I’ll Get Bulky

You gotta be you... we get it!


Are you nervous about getting a coach or a trainer because you don’t want to get BIG and BULKY💪🏽? 


You're not alone!


Yeah, it’s true. Not everyone wants to be big and buff. Some of us want to be lean and sexy, fit and firm or even strong and beautiful. 


As coaches we know better than anyone that not everyone wants the same thing. This is why we focus on the individual (YOU) rather than the masses. Our coaches know how to get you tone and fit without putting on size. 


Oh yeah...you can be strong, fit, lean, beautiful, fast or anything you want, WITHOUT BEING BULKY!


We can’t think of a better reason to have a coach than knowing what you want


Having a coach is the fastest and safest way to reach those goals while looking and feeling the way you want.

Looking Better Naked Is My Goal

YES! We all want to look our best. You know why...because that’s when we feel our best!


Are you getting a bit older and holding on to a few extra pounds around the midsection? Not quite as toned as you used to be? Feeling a bit insecure?


Don’t you worry because our coaches know what it's like. We are not some young pups that haven’t been there, done that. We have made the changes ourselves and know how to help you make the shifts necessary for long term results. 


Making small adjustments to life inside and outside of the gym can dramatically change the way you look and feel. 


Talk to a coach today to start you on the path to your better body goal!

My Body Is Tired All The Time

Is getting out of bed a challenge? 


Are you drinking several cups of coffee ☕️ just to make it through the day? 


Maybe you get up but still feel exhausted all day? 


We know all too well what it's like to have good intentions but your body and mind won't cooperate. Dragging ourselves through the day taking everything we have just to finish a simple task SUCKS! 


You deserve to have the energy you want to do what you love. We can help. 


Don’t worry...It is not endless days of High Intensity Workouts either!


Your coach will take a look at everything that could possibly be affecting you and your energy levels and give you the guidance you need to change course. Small steps go a long way!


Let’s do this together.

I've Tried Every Diet and Nothing Works

OK. I have too! Seriously, though. 


Have you heard of GOMAD? That's a gallon of milk a day diet! For real. Google it. WTH!? 


Along with low carb, keto, vegan, vegetarian, Paleo and (oh boy) a whole bunch more!


To be clear, they all worked. For 30 days or so. Every good diet does. 


If I told you to eat cabbage and cayenne only for 30 days, you would lose weight. It might not be the way you want to but you would.


That's why at Your Active Life we don’t do diets. We eat food.


We will help you figure out what foods are right for you, make a plan and work that plan together. 


Because as you may or may not know...no two people are alike and not everyone should not be eating the same way.


Reach out, let’s talk and find something that works best for you!

"Heath was always an active coach. 

He is very involved with each athlete and provides constant feedback.  I really appreciate how much he improved my movement, and always encouraged me to get outside and enjoy fitness. "

- Clay H.

"Heath is everything a coach should be.

He's genuine, ego-less, committed to your success, knows just how hard to push and when to let you just do your best and very knowledgeable. Definitely recommend."

- Sandy J.

"Heath's knowledgeable about fitness.

He was one of my first coaches when I started Crossfit, he's patient and overall great guy. If you are looking to get back in shape, improve your movements or mobility, this is the place!"

- Sebastian P

"Heath is a great coach and motivator.
He has expert knowledge on many areas of fitness. Let him help you...he will show you results!"

- Steve G.

"I see fitness as something fun because Heath was my coach. 

 Staying fit and healthy is a foundation to living fully and joyously, and Heath is a living example!"

- Kevin V.

Heath is AWESOME!  

He always makes you feel comfortable with each movement you are doing. He has always taken the time with not only myself, but every person he coaches. "

- JoJo R.