No two people are the same, which is why we custom-design each of our programs to meet your specific issues, needs, timing and budget. Over the years, we've found some themes that keep recurring.

My Body is Tight and Sore

Are you getting out of bed every day feeling like your feet are in a vice? Walking on pins and needles? Can you not sleep because your shoulder hurts anytime you move? Does getting up from a chair remind you of hearing your dad after a long day's work?


What if I told you there are a few things you can do(that don’t include an Iron Man event) to get you to a place where you feel great moving around, have no pain and increase your energy?? It’s true! You don’t even need to go wander the globe in search of the fountain of youth.


Let's get you back to a place where you look great, feel your best and love your life! 


Our coaches have helped 100s of members create a pain free life. Connect with a Coach to find out what we can do for you.

Fear of Injury Keeps Me From Living Life

Are you scared that the next injury could be the last one


Sitting on the sideline while your kids play. Not getting back into that softball league you used to love? Maybe you were hurt doing yoga and don’t even know what happened(it happens more than you think)? 


Damn it...I get it.  I once pulled a calf playing pickleball! Pickleball!! HaHa. Was it a “tweaked” back, hip or shoulder for you? 


No matter what the injury we use proven techniques to strengthen and mobilize where you need it. You would be surprised how quickly the right prescription can help you feel better for life.


Our coaches trained how to get you back on the field, playing with your kids or sliding down that DIY “slip n slide” at your best friend's bachelorette party feeling strong and confident? Just make sure the “slip n slide” doesn’t end at a brick wall!


Let’s get you back out there!

I Have an Old Injury That Holds Me Back

No need to worry. We’ve got your back, knees, neck, shoulder or whatever else you have hurt in the past.


We deal with injuries all the time. Having one from 1, 2, 10 or 20 years ago can really add some challenges when you have created patterns to work around that injury.


This is why you deserve a coach with a plan.


Our coaches at Your Active Life have helped athletes with:


✅ Disc Injury

✅ Bicep Tendon Tear

✅ ACL Tears

✅ Rotator Cuff Repairs

✅ Tendinitis

✅ Ankle Sprains

✅ Beatings From Rugby

✅ Dislocation

✅ Subluxation

✅ Hyper Extension

And the list goes on and on. ✅ ✅ ✅ ✅ 


Don’t sit there and wait any longer. Reach Out to a coach and see what we can do for you.

I'm Getting Older and It Sucks!

After a curtain age, your body changes. Whether you want it to or not. If you don’t know this...you haven’t reached that age yet.


We know better than most coaches because we have been there. We are old enough to know what happens and most importantly we know how to slow down or even reverse the effects that maturity brings.

Honestly, most of this stuff is not brain surgery. What it does take is a plan and having the right team of support. Your Active Life is built on the premise that “everyone deserves a coach” for a reason. That reason is YOU. Having a coach is the best way we have found to reach your goals as quickly as possible. 


Lastly, don’t think you need to kill yursef to get results. Our programs are designed around you and where you are today, while focussing on where you want to go. For most of us that is not a 60min High Intensity Workout every day. That's just wrong for most humans who actually want to feel better.


Lets go, it's time to do things differently. 

"Heath was always an active coach. 

He is very involved with each athlete and provides constant feedback.  I really appreciate how much he improved my movement, and always encouraged me to get outside and enjoy fitness. "

- Clay H.

"Heath is everything a coach should be.

He's genuine, ego-less, committed to your success, knows just how hard to push and when to let you just do your best and very knowledgeable. Definitely recommend."

- Sandy J.

"Heath's knowledgeable about fitness.

He was one of my first coaches when I started Crossfit, he's patient and overall great guy. If you are looking to get back in shape, improve your movements or mobility, this is the place!"

- Sebastian P

"Heath is a great coach and motivator.
He has expert knowledge on many areas of fitness. Let him help you...he will show you results!"

- Steve G.

"I see fitness as something fun because Heath was my coach. 

 Staying fit and healthy is a foundation to living fully and joyously, and Heath is a living example!"

- Kevin V.

Heath is AWESOME!  

He always makes you feel comfortable with each movement you are doing. He has always taken the time with not only myself, but every person he coaches. "

- JoJo R.